Making Payment Mobile

NEXT.Wallet creates an extended user experience for mobile services such as payment, loyalty, access, ticketing and more.

Multi-Services Platform

Intuitive & Simple-to-Use

Enables a large number of mobile services through a single service platform. NEXT.Wallet is a mobile service framework that has been developed to enrich the user experience when interacting with merchants, banks and other service providers using a mobile phone, especially in combination with, but not limited to, NFC technology.

Rich User Experience

Service-Agnostic User Interface

Managing cards, shopping lists, receipts, promotions and vouchers through a single user interface. NEXT.Wallet is designed as a dynamic wallet services environment that satisfies the objectives to enrich the wallet usability for services such as payment, ticketing, loyalty and more.

Major Features

Server-Managed Content

A major differentiator of the solution is that issuer services can be centrally configured on the wallet server. Once they are set up on the wallet server, they can be deployed and synchronised across devices and technologies including mobile wallet app and web wallet instantly. This reduces the need to modify and publish new client versions and guarantees for the wallet operator an ease-of-implementation for wallet items.

Digitalizing Personal Content

Smart barcode and image scanning tools offer convenient ways to digitalize personal user content such as Loyalty cards, vouchers, shopping lists and more without difficulty within seconds. All wallet items are stored and automatically synchronized with all consumer devices, with state-of-the-art data encryption being used to secure personal data and to protect the consumer´s privacy.

Service Catalogue

The Service Catalogue is a services store where all offered service items are presented to wallet users. It enables banks, merchants and other service providers to market their services to various interest groups and user segments. The user may request new wallet items or subscriptions through the catalogue. The requested item may be delivered instantly to the mobile phone subject to the relevant service category or personalised accordingly over the air in the case of payment cards.