• Making Payment Mobile

    Our mobile wallet framework has been developed to enrich the user interaction with retailers, banks and other service providers by means of providing personalized services through a single user interface.

  • Winning Customer Relations

    People buy experiences. With our cutting-edge mobile solutions we enable companies to provide their customers a unique shopping experience in terms of convenience, speed and added value.

  • Rewarding Loyal Shoppers

    Run marketing and product campaigns by taking advantage of a flexible implementation that reflects specific reward mechanism. This helps to personalise retail programs motivating consumers to increase their spend and loyalty to come back.

We build and deliver white-label wallet solutions for:

Banks and Payment Processors

NEXPERTS solutions allows banks to introduce new and innovative ways of payment to their customer base. We have mobile solutions for Issuers and Aquirers.

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Mobile Network Operators and OEMs

SIM based mobile payment and security solutions will enable MNOs to deliver over-the-top mobile services. NEXPERTS provide the proper wallet technology to be bundled to smart phones and devices.

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Merchants and Loyalty Providers

Attracting customers the right way will make them spend more, increase their frequency of visits and result in an overall uplift in sales. Loyalty and Couponing solutions from NEXPERTS will help to grow your retail businesses.

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Ticketing and Access Companies

Open doors and gates by a simple tap using a smartphone. This is made possible by introducing NFC based access control and public transport ticketing solutions developed by NEXPERTS.

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