Turning smartphones to support Access Control and Ticket Validation

We help access and event provider to increase operational efficiency through secure mobile applications.

Our Solutions Portfolio comprises:

mPOS acceptance environment in cooperation with leading acquiring organistion as well as mobile access compatible solutions for RFID based locks supporting a dynamic distribution management over the air. In Addition we deliver an innovative NFC visitor Management and ticketing control solutions for Events, fairs and congresses.


Accepting payments using smartphones

NEXT.mPOS key features and benefits:

  • Accepting payments for small merchants
  • Sending confirmation slips to consumers
  • Variety of payment methods (chip, contactless, Apple Pay)
  • Can be integrated into mobile delivery app or cash register solutions

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Management of locks

can be performed by NFC enabled mobile phones. This allow e.g. to programme One-Time-Keys to open the locks by a PIN code for self-service hotels or apartment use.

NEXT.Access key features and benefits:

  • Applications on NFC phones to emulate RFID based lock keys.
  • Over the Air Management of Keys (Issuing and revoking process).
  • Key Server.
  • Web-Interface to manage the application.
  • Interfaces to existing infrastructure like reservation or key management Systems.


Event-Management of visitors

Provides an instant overview of visitors and customers interest.

  • Manage different tracks and sessions as well as packages like lunch or dinners.
  • Get feedback of visitors and customers interest and session votes by touching Points of Interest (POI).
  • Management and issuance of NFC cards or tags.
  • Manage multiple Events and sessions on a single server.