Making Payment Cards mobile

NEXT.ToPay enables banks to provide a secure and simple-to use mobile payment experience.

Ecosystem Setup

Reducing Integration Complexity

A major advantage of Host Card Emulation is the decrease of complexity for the ecosystem setup. Service Providers in the Financial Services, Access, Transport or Retail sectors would not need to find agreements with Mobile Network Operators in order to get access to SIM cards for storing personal data of their customers  on a secure environment. In addition, the entire lifecycle management of tokens managed in the cloud and on mobile devices is optimised according to the requirements of token issuer and their customers and hence accelerates their time to market for mobile NFC services.

Convenient User Onboarding

Streamlining Card Virtualization Processes

Bank´s customers can enroll to mobile payment for one or more of their existing cards using e.g. the bank´s e-banking. In the following users can authenticate using bank credentials in our white labelled NEXT.Wallet App and activate their mobile payment cards by means of an activation code. After that, payment tokens are dynamically pushed in conditional intervals to the user´s Wallet. This by following EMV transaction cryptography and VISA, AMEX and MasterCard Cloud Based Payment specification.

Major Features

Cloud Based Payments

NEXT.Wallet and NEXT.ToPay provide cloud based payments as white label app or to be integrated in existing mobile banking apps. Highest security standards are implemented such as code and communication obfuscation, local storage encryption, device fingerprinting  as well as detection mechanism of jail broken or routed devices. 

Software based Card Emulation

Compared to a chip card environment that protects static payment card details through a Hardware Secure Element, with cloud based payment the concept of dynamic keys has been introduced to add security to payment card details stored on mobile applications. Single use keys or limited use keys define the validity of a payment token.

Managing Payment Tokens

NEXT.ToPay is a library and serviced backend  to enable any app to offer NFC based mobile payments.

Through the use of Token Services like MDES and VTS card issuers can easy offer mobile contactless payments in their mobile banking apps or through an "Issuer Pay" application.