Accepting Digital Payments on Mobile Devices

NEXT.mPOS provides small businesses a secure and simple-to-use mobile solution to accept payments.

New Mobility for Merchant Payments

Turning Mobile Devices to POS

For businesses that have never accepted card payments before, mPOS helps to increase their sales and expand their customer base. Existing large retailers are also adopting Mobile POS solutions and integrating them into their current POS environment to enhance the retail and payment experience. Any smartphone or tablet can be transformed into an mPOS with a downloadable mobile application.

Payments on the go

Accepting Payment everywhere and anytime

NEXT.mPOS is an innovative and secure mobile payment solution adressing merchants that require a high degree on fexibility and mobility with the need to accept payments for their services and products using their mobile devices. Hence, services and products can be offered and payment accepted everywhere and anytime without any constraints such stationary connected payment terminals would provide.

Major Features

Enabling Payment Acceptance

The merchant can download the app to a smartphone or tablet from the Play Store or App store. After running through a fast registration process (on Web or in the App), a merchant account is created, an acquiring contract has to be signed and the EMV certified mPOS terminal will be delivered. The mobile App scans for an available mPOS terminal via Bluetooth and finally connects to it. Now, all variances of card payments(signature, PIN authorisation, etc.) can be performed. Receipts can be either scanned from a barcode displayed on the merchant device or sent via email. All payment and receipt records are synched to a Webjournal for further financial analyses.

Central Journal

All receipts, payments and daily closings of transactions are archived under highest security standards in a central Journal. This allows merchants with delivery services to track and trace all their sales and payments through a central mPOS journal. On the other hand, customer payments can be accepted for contact or contactless cards, based on chip or magstripe technologies using a fully EMV-compliant payment terminal. Once payment is accepted the customer can scan the receipt with her smartphone from a QR Code that is presented on the mPOS device or alternatively the receipt can be sent by mail.

Securing Transactional Data

Transaction data can only be accessed by authenticated and authorised users. All that is required is access to the internet, personal authentication data according to the details provided throughout the registration process. Data exchange is encrypted and processed through a secure communication channel.
In addition the mPOS Master-User can differentiate between access credentials for the mobile Application and the journal in the cloud in order to differentiate access rights for different quality of transaction data.