Rewarding Loyal Shoppers by means of Collecting Benefits

NEXT.Loyalty is creating Customer benefits Providing customer benefits through mobile campaigns, offers and bonus programs.

Multi-Services Platform

Innovating Mobile Commerce

NEXT.Loyalty has been designed to meet a variety of loyalty business scenarios. These include the capability to operate single operator bonus or membership programs as well as coalition programs on the platform. In addition the solution can be configured as a stored value system, which enables retailer, city and regional marketing agencies or other Service Provider to issue vouchers or gift cards for stimulating focussed consumer shopping activities or attracting new customers.

Unique shopping experiences

Rewarding Customers

A cutting-edge technology to run marketing and product campaigns by taking advantage of a flexible implementation that reflects specific reward mechanism. The solution supports organisations to understand customers better and to design activities that help to increase the frequency of customer visits as well as duration of the visitor in shops and motivates consumers to increase their spend and loyalty to come back.

Major Features

Built-in Service

Being pre-integrated into NEXT.Wallet, operators can benefit from an innovative communication channel to provide their consumers new product, brand and service experiences. Location, time and other functions give companies means to address their offers where needed, all by means of benefitting from mobile technologies.

Managing Campaigns

Manage specific product and brand promotions over a dedicated period of time. Customers use tokens that represent an account and balance for a specific campaign. Enables operator to manage discounts either specifically for products or product categories or even on a per purchase value when customers redeem bonus Points.

Managing Stored Values

Enables operator to manage stored value as well as bonus accounts. With this respect consumer tokens issued may either be vouchers or gift cards that represent a money value whereas a loyalty bonus cards represent points balances. The token value can be fixed - “face value system“ - or even be topped up - „variable value“.