Convenient and secure way for online shopping

NEXT.eWallet simplifies online checkouts using MasterPass technology.

White labelled eWallet

Payment Scheme Partner Wallet

Shopping online on tablets, computers or smartphones becomes now even faster and more convenient when using MasterPass Wallet. NEXT.eWallet is a white-labelled Partner hosted MasterPassTM Wallet that can be easily customised according to banks´ requirements. Payment cards can be automatically enrolled through backend integration with Web-services. Additionally, users can enrol other cards through the web or via their mobile devices. To verify the ownership of these Cards, e.g. a low value transaction can be performed and the user can activate the card through the activation code provided on the banks´ statement.

Secure online shopping

Secure Card Vault

Provides a convenient, secure and fast online checkout user experience. All payment cards and shipping information is stored in one convenient and secure place fully compliant with the highest security requirements as specified by the Payment Card Industry. In addition from security point of view an end to end encryption is provided in order to keep all related payment data safe throughout the online shopping checkout. Once payment cards and shipping information has been added to the Wallet, no further checkout formats need to be completed anytime when checking out at MasterPass e-commerce retailers.

Major Features

Central User & Card Onboarding

After having downloaded the App from Play Store or when visiting the dedicated MasterPass registration site on the Web, the user completes the registration with personal information such as name, shipping, billing and mail address. In the following the user can add any Card, e.g. MasterCard Credit or Debit, Maestro or Visa card from any bank to a secure vault, the eWallet.

Consistent Customer Experience

NEXT.eWallet provides the same optimized checkout experience across all devices. It offers consumers access to their digital wallet with just one button and make them benefit from having all payment relevant data being registered once and centrally stored in a high-secure environment . These data are automatically made available using the MasterPassTM online checkout process.

Trustful & Secure Online Shopping

To increase security, 3DS authorization can be requested as optional authentication means. This concept seamlessly supported throughout the online checkout process. After initially pairing the wallet with the user credentials, the user selects the preferred card and shipping address and confirms the payment.