White labelled Payment and Value Added Services Solutions

We enable banks, issuers and acquirers to offer digital commerce products to their customers.

Our offering for financial Services Provider comprises:

Wallets covering Proximity Payments, eCommerce Payments & Person to Person Payments. Value added services complementing the payment processes including loyalty, couponing and targeted offers, mPOS solution including digital Journal and receipt Management.


White labelled Server managed Wallet

NEXT.Wallet key features and benefits:

  • Consumer centric content to replace physical wallet
  • Various payment options (NFC, eCommerce)
  • Fully brandable
  • Easy on-boarding
  • Loyalty card and shopping list Support

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Ease of eCommerce checkout

NEXT.eWallet key features and benefits:

  • Support for MasterPass
  • Allows to register payment cards from any brand and issuer
  • can be intergrated with issuer card on file platforms
  • handling of shipping addresses

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Cloud based Payments

NEXT.CloudPay key features and benefits:

  • Support for MasterCard and VISA CBP standards
  • Proximity payments via NFC without the need of secure elements
  • Easy activation process for consumers
  • Mobile frontend and backend integration available

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Accepting payments using smartphones

NEXT.mPOS key features and benefits:

  • Accepting payments for small merchants
  • Sending confirmation slips to consumers
  • Variety of payment methods (chip, contactless, Apple Pay)
  • Can be integrated into mobile delivery app or cash register solutions

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Value added services

NEXT.Loyalty key features and benefits:

  • Campaign management
  • Earning and burning loyalty points
  • Promoting special offers

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