NFC for Ticketing

The mobile phone is today already more than a phone. Taking pictures, reading mails and news etc. Make your mobile phone also your travel or entrance ticket. NFC enables a very convenient way to buy, validate and invalidate tickets.

Ticket Purchase: When touching a tag the purchase of a ticket is initiated. Alternatively tickets can be selected on the Internet and loaded over the air onto your mobile phone. For travel tickets multiple tags can be placed to select the direction, class etc. by simply touching a certain symbol.

Ticket Display: All tickets or entrance credentials are displayed on the mobile phone. Additional information like directions can be shown.

Ticket Inspection: Contactless tickets can be inspected by NFC enabled mobile phones or special portable devices. Also a phone to phone verification is supported by NFC reading out tickets from the traveler’s phone to the controller’s phone.

Ticket Invalidation At the place of entrance like in a stadium, or at an exit point on a gated public transport system the ticket can be invalidated by touching a reading device.

NFC for Event Ticketing

Many event type ticketing system use Mifare Ultralight or ISO 15693 based ticket passes. In many cases access to events is based on whitelist of tickets per event. NFC phones and stickers support to communicate a unique identity of the phone to the controlling gate. For more advances systems NFC in peer-to-peer mode or ticketing applets in Secure Elements can be used.

NEXPERTS Event Ticketing offering

NEXPERTS is your partner for the design and implementation of mobile event ticking solutions. We take care of design and implementation incl. ease-of-use, security and scalability issues. For all relevant mobile OS’s we create ticketing solution and can also enabled 3rd party developers or hardware vendors to include the required NFC parts in their event ticketing systems.

NFC for Public Transport Ticketing

Many transportation systems use Mifare technology. On many NFC phone Mifare Classic technology and in the near future Mifare DESFire technology can be emulated. For more secure and sophisticated ticketing applications a JavaCard applet like the VDV-KA is loaded into the Secure Element of the NFC phone.

NEXPERTS Public Transport Ticketing offering

NEXPERTS is offering the design and development of mobile transport ticking solutions. This includes security and personalization aspects for mobile tickets, distribution to mobile phones and OTA/TSM functionality to store ticket applets in Secure Elements, creation of Ticket Wallets or integration into the NEXTwallet Framework of NEXPERTS.

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