The use of RFID cards to open doors is widely used by various organisations in the tourism, security and facility management area. Enabling virtual keys on an NFC device adds a significant value in terms of provisioning and managing access rights of individual users. E.g. access rights are assigned over-the-air (OTA) the use of NFC technology improves the process significantly. A virtual key chain on the mobile phone visualises the available keys.

The management of opening and closing locks can be simplified using NFC enabled devices, e.g. a self service hostel issues digital keys for a defined period of time with a PIN code to their guests.

Features and Functionalities

NEXTaccess Solution consists of…

  • Applications on NFC phones to emulate RFID based lock keys.
  • Over the Air Management of Keys (Issuing and revoking process)
  • Key Server
  • A Web-Interface to manage the application
  • Interfaces to existing infrastructure like reservation or key management systems

Solution Benefits are…

  • Ease of use both for the end-user and the administrator
  • Highest security level
  • Reducing costs for lost keys and manual hand-over of keys
  • Application support of Mifare, Key Emulation (Card emulation mode) and Peer to Peer Mode
  • Compatible to existing ISO 14443 based locking solutions (ISO 15693 available on request)
  • Support for various phones and mobile OS incl. iPhone, Android phones, Symbian, Blackberry and more.