Future Shopping Experiences

With the introduction of electronic commerce in the 90ties of the last century virtual shopping has been introduced for the first time. The Retail industry recognised the potential of the internet and discovered new channels to market and sell products and services.

Today, customers retrieve product information on-the-go using mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, compare product offerings instantly and there is almost no purchase made without reading customer reviews and opinions first.

With NFC, mobile shopping is taken to a new level, NFC enabled devices combine both remote and proximity shopping experiences in a revolutionary way, e.g. by enabling the purchase of products from a virtual shopping wall by touching the product image or by enabling contactless payment and loyalty in physical stores using a Mobile Wallet on the phone.

Touch and Pay Project – Innovation and tradition for mobile shoppers at farmer’s grocery stores

In the project “touch’n pay” NEXPERTS participated in a swiss consortium to demonstrate contactless Self Service Shopping using NFC technologies.

The idea

Self Service Shopping is a future way for retailers but moreover for manufactures of consumables like food, beverage etc. to sell their products directly to consumers. Examples are farmers that sell their fresh products at the farmer’s grocery store.

The concept of self service shops is to increase the flexibility of extending shopping hours without causing additional costs for service and additional staff.

The Approach

As the shop is unattended a control and access mechanism is required that manages the shop access rights and that prevents theft and fraud in the shop. With respect to payment, the customer must be enabled to have virtually access to a payment terminal, typically no POS infrastructure needs to be installed in the shop.

These facts resulted into the concept of using NFC phones……to access the self service shop using a digital key on the phone,

…to capture product items and collect them in addition to the physical shopping bag, virtually using a digital basket as well as

…to pay for the goods remotely using the phone as payment terminal.

The Partners

The project has been initiated by NEXPERTS together with e24 AG from Zurich, Switzerland,  supported by SIX Multi Solutions AG, the provider of the secure payment service Mobile Buy, which links mobile-phone purchases to Visa and MasterCard credit cards, Winter AG and Alliera AG. LEGIC provided the contactless access technology and their partner SEA the NFC enabled door lock cylinders.

NEXPERTS developed all applications on the mobile phone (Mobile Wallet and Secure Element Applet), Winter AG from Unterschleissheim near Munich provided the OTA (over-the-air) provisioning and personalization services.

In a 6 months trial 80 customers from the Zurich region will be equipped with an NFC enabled mobile phone to collect experience on how to use NFC phones for the purposes.

All experiences and results from the project has been collected and analyzed by the University of Applied Sciences from Northwest Switzerland and provided important information for a future implementation.


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