Introducing the role of a Mobile Wallet Operator

The concept of a mobile wallet has been introduced by several players and industry bodies with the aim to provide consumers a means for the management of multiple virtual cards through one interface. The mobile wallet is considered to play a key role in terms of contribution to a user experience across the lifecycle of mobile service subscriptions with banks, merchants, transportation organisation, authorities and other Service Providers. Further more the wallet enables companies to offer personalised services to consumers with the consequence to be one step ahead of their competition.

NEXPERTS Wallet framework provides a unique and consistent Interaction environment across different types of media, devices and communication channels.

Mobile Wallet Operator Case Study

NEXPERTS together with a leading Mobile Network Operator developed a Wallet application to facilitate contactless payment using open loop payment cards.

The project started in autumn of 2011, today the app is available for usage by selected customers.


We developed customer branded app to support iPhone with NFC adapters. In the Secure Element of the NFC Adapters the VMPA applet is installed and personalized. The end-user can use his iPhone to pay at any Visa payWave enabled terminal.

In addition to the payment card in the Secure Element a Mifare based transportation card can be activated to allow public transport ticketing.