Marketing & Brands

The capability for a product or object to communicate with a device by literally one tap, provides a real potential of new services and innovation that is going to revolutionise consumer experiences.

Based on today’s evolution of mobile phones supporting NFC, the capability to authenticate the origin of goods and related product information using mobile applications, represents a powerful channel to increase customer retention and brand awareness.

NEXPERTS brand manager enables consumers, merchants, authorities, etc. to gather valuable product information including a validation of whether the product is a counterfeit or not as well as a product catalogue of related product articles and accessories.

Equipping objects or products with an NFC chip is the baseline for enabling a communication with a device providing NFC reading capability.

The NFC chip keeps a unique ID, which allows the user to read the product specific content by tapping the product tag.

In order to increase the security a cryptographic logic is applied. On the backend side the ID is mapped to a Product Code. When tapping the object with an NFC enabled reading device, the stored data is transferred to the device. Product details of origin or other product specific information can be displayed using the product catalogue menu.

Providing added value to consumers and brands

A variety of additional services are provided through the brand manager:

Interaction with the consumer: The NFC chip embedded in the object supports the initiation of a session to retrieve specific information and data about the related object or product.

The information may contain data of related articles, fabrics, ingredients, manuals etc.

In addition personalised advertising services may be initiated based on location information or other context relevant data that are relevant for the product or object.

Finally, it represents a convenient format to follow an end-user product registration process in order to get access to the entire customer service portfolio.