Exhibition & Event

NEXPERTS Event Master innovates events, fairs and congresses with its unique visitor management approach.

By using NFC technology visitors can be registered by a simple touch to their badge. An NFC enabled mobile phone becomes an online, mobile contactless badge reader.

The system provides an immediate overview of interest areas for visitors and customers linked to specific sessions or tracks of the event.

This may include information material related to certain products or companies. Furthermore the solution may be used to identify visitors and event subscriptions, e.g. in context with various packages including access to specific event sessions or validation of lunch or dinner vouchers etc.


NEXPERTS delivers a complete NFC Event management solution, which consists of:

  • NFC Visitor Cards (paper or plastic) or other form factors like wristbands, key-chains etc.
  • An NFC reader/writer and optional a card printer to issue and print the the cards
  • NFC Mobile phones with NFC Event client applet installed
  • The NFC Event Master Server with an SQL-Database to store all visitor and event data
  • A Windows Client to manage Visitors and Tracks, print and encode Badges, create reports etc.